On counting your blessings

How else do you fight the thoughtsOf your life being ‘not enough’?When your mind fixatesOn the things you do not haveAnd magnifies your sense of inadequacyIt turns you in on yourselfSpurring you to spend your daysPlaying catch-up to no end.Counting your blessingsOne by oneIsn’t cheeseyIt isn’t an exercise in vanityOr a hack for momentary happiness.No.Counting […]

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Perishable goods

Our bank accountsOur healthThe houses we live inThe people we loveThe institutions we trustThe careers we pine forThe politics we’d die forThe breath in our lungs.All goods in the end are perishable.Not much lasts forever.So perhaps its to best to liveWith an open-handednessThat doesn’t grasp too tightlyOn things that, by nature,Are always slipping away.

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Soft Tissue

Bruises easily, Hurts a lot, Crumples under pressure And is easily overlooked- The supportive spouse  Who sacrifices for their partner, The praying mother  Who spends her years on her knees For her son, The minimum wage worker who wakes up extra early To give her all for a job She really should be paid for.  […]

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Thank you

Thank you Father That I do not need to live in comparison To others. What they drive How much they make How they look. What they get to do all day. Help me, Father to rather live in gratitude. For the millions of gifts you give That I can never repay. You have brought me […]

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What have you overlooked lately? Who’s love have you taken for granted? What experiences in your past Have you chosen to despise That actually led you to where you are now? Who’s praise did you brush off too quickly? All too easily we find ourselves Retelling stories of how we’ve been shortchanged; Making much of […]

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Gratitude vs. Regret

In a single moment The threshold of a new year is crossed. The date will change in an instant But most other things don’t change nearly as fast. Regret, for example, tends to linger. It is a deceitful emotion, It somehow feels like a ‘responsible’ perspective On things that didn’t quite happen as we hoped. […]

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False humility

Is stingy. A refusal to share your joy With those who would receive it. To act as though delightful things Are not so. To not bear good news. It isn’t a more noble alternative to pride, Nor a useful way Of accepting feedback. In a year that has exceeded its fair share Of hard luck […]

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One quiet whisper of bad newsRings several decibels louderThan a hundred stories of hope.It is far, far easier to dwell on what we lackThan cherish what we have,To stay up at night, recalling offensesThan taking a moment to say ‘I love you’.Disappointment will never be in short supplyYet there is also vast beauty we overlook […]

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On why “thank you” matters

Because no one wants to feel taken for granted. All the other stuff about how being grateful Is “smart” because it makes you feel better Or helps you see the world in a new light Should really be the secondary purpose of thanksgiving. Because, the essence of thanks Is seeing and acknowledging others For what […]

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Visionary blindness

If you can get past the scary bits about a leap of faith, It can really be exciting. The anticipation of a potential new experience The exhilaration of knowing things could really change. Yet often when we leap, we land in somewhat awkward spaces. Definitely not where we started but Not quite where we hoped […]

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