The work of becoming

  It’s one thing to do a mighty exploit  To thrust oneself through the air  And land at a place  Better than your current station In part by sheer will In part by pure luck. It’s quite another thing to  Become the kind of person Who frequently takes leaps of faith, Who has trained their […]

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Maturity is a doing word

Because the emotional labor required To overlook the shortcomings of others  For the sake of a healthier relationship  Does not come with age, But with intention.  Maturity is not a noun, As though it were something attained once off By virtue of simply being alive- No: Maturity is a choice  And one that we are […]

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Day two

There’s nothing quite likeLooking in the mirrorThe day after you’ve madeA big decisionTo come to termsWith where you’ve gotten yourself into.Are you here for the right reasons?Will it change anythingIf no one else is watching?Are you happy?Day twoIs when the initial reaction wears offAnd you get to better appreciateThe depth of resolveYou’ve managed to mine […]

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Long arc

One day I won’t take myself so seriously.I’ll know the difference between a bad dayAnd a bad life,I’ll enjoy the freedomThat comes fromNo longer striving.I’ll have ‘’won’’enough argumentsTo know there are no trophies there,Tasted enough of God’s graceTo be fully convinced of itBored enough peopleWith long-winded speechesTo learn that listening is far more valuableAnd stopped […]

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On bearing fruit

There’s nothing quite likeBearing fruit-The child you’ve longed and prayed forNow giggling and squirming in your armsThe book you sensed you had inside youFinally seeing the light of God’s SunThe cause you’ve spent a lifetime fighting forAt last sweeping up a generation.Bearing fruit is a central tenetTo being alive;Its proof that you were hereProof that […]

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Consistency isn’t everything

Because things change.People change.Priorities changeAnd rules of thumb evolveDepending on who’s handsWe’re looking at.Just because we’ve chosen poorlyFor so longDoesn’t mean we will do so forever,And if we’ve gotten luckyFor the past two yearsDoesn’t mean its never going toRun out.Indeed our lives tell a storyOver decades,But we don’t live in years-We live moment by moment,Each […]

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Awakening fault

There’s a posture of heart That sees life as a series of events That happen to us And our response to those events Is somewhat inevitable, Somehow putting the responsibility on another. If you stumble on a stone The stone is at fault For being on your path, Or if I am angered by something […]

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Growth paradox

There is an uncomfortable space in learning When the ones who have something to teach Reach the limits of their influence and Have to reconcile with the reality That true learning is always voluntary. You cannot micromanage growth. It has to happen. Inherently. From within. Growth is a fruit born of the will of the […]

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On thinking small

Small mindedness is not objective.It is not a law like gravity that must be respected.It characteristically presents itself as the ‘Reasonable companion”To new ventures (or any venture for that matter). You could have all the resources thatOne could ever hope for And still think small.Its comfortable. Safe.Dependable even.But still small.And maybe not everything needs to […]

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We don’t expect much from infants.We feel lucky for getting a smile out,A giggle is like a million bucks.Little humans have no heavy expectationsAnd we expect nothing from them.We tell them,‘’Simply exist.’’And so they do. With each passing dayThey grow olderAnd the expectations begin to mount.Before we know it, we have a rambunctious childOn our […]

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