Open spacesWholesome roomsWells deep enough to quench thirstFor multiple generations,Food so nourishingIt feeds not just bodiesBut souls.A space that has ceased to beContested for.It is a beautiful thingTo be a given by GodA place to call home-Ground on which to flourishA place on this earthThat is yours to prosper in,A quiet place to rest your […]

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On knowing where home is

Home is more than where the heart is-Its where your feet are planted,RootedIt is where you have chosen to belongThe people you refuse to let downThe tribe you prioritize.Home is more than a sentimentOr a place of fond memoriesIt is the context from which you flourishA soil that is fertilized by yourCommitment to it.To know […]

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Finding your place

Is surprisingly hard in this life.It’s harder than it looksTo get up from under the weightOf placing yourself at the axis of reality,To live as though the circumstances of your lifeDon’t blot out the Sun.Indeed it is humanTo place yourself at the center of a narrative.It is not easy to acceptThat you are a created […]

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Father’s bread

Fed me well. I grew up on the stuff, It taught my tongue  How good food tastes Gave my belly an appreciation  For wholeness  And sustained me in my youth.  So much of what I am today Is only possible because of it.  Coming home is more than seeing Familiar places  And missing old faces […]

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How did we get here?

Sometimes our heartsArrive at placesThat our minds can’t quiteMake sense of,Entire landscapes of emotionWith no landmarksFor our cognition.Words failWhile feelings rage,Knowing things deeplyThat we are yet to findA language for,Tasting feelingsWith no menu of thoughtSitting in a familiar roomAnd all at once feelingAs thoughYou never knew it.Meeting a personAnd wishing you could talk;Knowing that theConversation […]

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A place, at first,But later we come to know that its peopleThat make us feel at home.Familiar in the best way possible,Close, but not smotheringWarm.Someone you have never lived withCan feel like homeThey somehow carry a part of you aroundA voice that your heart has grown to loveConversations that fill the chambers of your mindMaking […]

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Her path started, just like everyone else’s:At home.As loving as any home could beYet even in the safest spacesTrouble always seemed to find a way in.Yet it was familiar.Warm.Home.The bad always came with the good,And so it was never worth mentioning.She didn’t know she was hurtingUntil someone asked her why she was crying.And so, indignant, […]

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New places

I have moved more times Than I care to remember. New ceilings to stare at New routes to take New habits to make And of course, new faces. I find that the first weeks of transition Are the most disorienting. I reach for familiar things in familiar places Only to be reminded that life has […]

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