Substitutes for honesty

Are glaringly inadequate.Forced relationshipsBorn out of neediness;Enormous family riftsThat grow with every passing year of noisy conversations that reek of the unspoken conversations underneath;Entire careersBuilt on the back of proving a point.When we fail to be honestWe benefit our delusionsAt the expense of who we really are.Here we are no longer real peopleWith real hopes […]

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Time heals nothing

Honesty does.Time can mask the pain,Give us other things to think aboutPut some distance between usAnd the woundBut it will not heal usIt will not make us whole.Words left unsaidLeave a deafening silenceThat won’t be filledBy ticking of the clock-Time heals nothing.Say what needs to be said.

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Everything is data

It’s easy to think  That the only useful parts  Of our story  Are the victories; The well implemented model The picture perfect event The thriving relationship.  These are the parts we are  Most inclined to share with others- Our journey of overcoming.  But human life is littered with setbacks, Our good days are punctuated with […]

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White washing

Life is complex.And that complexityIs often hard to sit with,To look it in the eyeTo give it a name.We don’t always feelThe way we think we shouldAnd reality routinely ignoresThe scripts our minds write for it,So we find ourslvesSitting with things in our lapsThat are deeply familiarYet disturbingly beyond us,And too often choose to plunge […]

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The thing you most need to say

Is often the hardest thing to say.It takes up so much real estateIn your mind, yetYou’ve become accustomedTo suppressing it,Brushing it off,Kicking the can down an endless road,Only to find that the you’re kicking itDeeper into your psyche,Where its taking rootAnd changing your mental landscape.And though the wordsMay never be found on your lips,They speak […]

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Having information

Is not the sameAs having answers.And it takes someMaturityTo acknowledgeThat what you have to offerIs not what is needed.Saying that you don’t haveA good answerNeed not be a walk of shame,But rather a signalTo yourself and othersThat you are not using this momentIn service of your egoTo pad a false personaOf Omniscience.Sure, you may know […]

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Is dangerous It uncovers things we were happier To leave unseen Unsaid It leaves nowhere to hide No more corners to play the victim No more darkness to retreat into It kills the need for further explanation The facts speak for themselves It grinds over-explanation to a halt Incessant apologies finally no longer need to […]

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Brave Faces vs. Brave Hearts

Brave faces are what we put on when everything isn’t okay at home.A show of strengthThe forced smile in public places.The half-hearted appearance at gatherings like a mindless roll call.A lot of the fodder on our newsfeeds are brave facesThe pleasant but joyless phone call.Putting on a brave face is not bravery at allIts going […]

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On mute

I recently started a new job.Its a chance to decide, againHow I am going to show up.To determine what kind of energyPeople can expect from me.A clean slate of sorts.However, I have also noticedAn inner pull to want to be the safestVersion of myself.To censor insights and ideas that might notQuite fit with how things […]

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The African Professional

Rising from poverty Is not the same as rising from blackness. While it is true that many black people are poor Being black is not synonymous with being poor. For the African health care professionals making their way into the middle class, It often occurs that progress in your career Can translate to a wrestle […]

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