Blessings becoming burdens

Sometimes it’s the good stuff That trips you up. The overconfidence that comes with a  Good track record, A long list of followers and  And the roaring thunder of applause. Blessings can become burdens, Binding you ever more tightly To what you’ve made of yourself until  You’re convinced that nothing else matters, Victories from yesterday  […]

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On being too woke

To be able to “see through everything” Is not a gift of insight, But rather it is the worst kind of blindness. The person who can go a lifetime  Without ever living deeply for anything, The professional skeptic who  Never quite devotes them self To anything more than their own opinion, Is not sophisticated- They […]

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We’re gonna need you next year

For some of usAll we could do this year was survive-Simply not die.And if you make it to the other sideWe’re gonna need you.Your ear to listenYour heart to careYour arm around weeping shouldersYour hands in serviceYour pen to that paperYour lips to that micYour knee bent in proposalYour hands lifted up in prayer.We’re gonna […]

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Writing for Survival

SometimesThe pen is all I’ve gotTo fight off the zombiesThat threaten to feast on my brainAt the end of the day,Bringing to lifeThe half-dead dreamsThat day to day reality beats downRelentlessly.In a world that seems hellbentOn mispronouncing my nameAnd misunderstanding my storyThe pen often feels like the only place whereMy truth feels safe enough to […]

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Seeing it for yourself

Sometimes its worth seeing for yourselfIf the stereotypes are trueIf there really is no better alternativeIf the door really is lockedWith no way in-Not so you can join the ranksOf naysayers and status quo-defendersBut so that you might be ableTo find a back door.Cynicism leaves little roomFor redemptionAnd its almost as though cynicsEnjoy being right […]

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The stuff we do for free

Showing up early.Forgiving quickly.Apologizing first.Offering to help.Refusing to take advantage.Opening doors for others.Giving the benefit of the doubt.Overlooking the pettiness of others.Listening to a rant.Repeating yourself without getting annoyed.Saying ‘Thank you.’In a world whereNothing is for mahala*Where almost every interactionIs making someone, somewhereA lot of money,Its worth taking the timeTo note the stuff we do […]

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Perfect Paths

Sometimes, we tell ourselvesThat unless we findThe perfect pathThen its foolish to takeThe first step.And yet that is theMost foolish step to of all-The commitment to being noncommittalThe choice of not choosingThe decision to not decide;WaitingFor someone elseTo make your dreams come true.In case you were wondering –There are no perfect paths.No one gets them.No […]

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Staying for the right reasons

It is not wiseNor is it sustainableTo endure difficult thingsOut of guilt,Or obligation.Life is complicated,Confusing at timesConvoluted.It’s one thing to want to be somewhereBecause its the best you’ve encounteredAnd have no real reason to complain,Quite another when you areAgonizing,Suffering to do the right thing.Jesus sweated bloodWhen faced with the prospectOf what it would takeTo love […]

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Supply came long before demand

When God made His green earth He carved out supply Long before any need Was ever felt. The habitat of Eden was fashioned Long before its inhabitants were Formed from its dust, The sun burned brightly Long before there were any Humans to celebrate its rising Or marvel at its setting. Long before we learned […]

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