Light years

You will always be light years away From perfection Because though all created things Have infinity bound up within them- No matter how many hills we climb And dragons we slay There will always be yet another height Yet another beast. We live in world Of inescapable limitations with Facts that will remain unchanged No […]

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Still you

It will still be you All those months from now When life stops handing you lemons And hands you flowers instead. You. No other version of you Will magically appear- Counting blessings And being gracious. No The same you With a greater taste for bitter lemonade Than a nose for smelling roses, That is the […]

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Arid Spaces

Thirsty groundMakes even the muddiest puddlePrecious.Thirst can make the bitterTaste sweet for a moment.So parched can a throat become,So weary and battered, thatAnything will doAnything for a moment’sRespite.On the verge of deliriumReaching forSomethingAnythingTo quench this furnaceWithin.DesperationHas driven men and womenTo dark placesFor when the soul isIn the desertWith cracked lipsAnd broken skinNo amount of self-soothingBreathes […]

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Life Within

Have you ever lookedAt one of your best picturesAnd asked yourself“And where have you been hidingAll along?”Or perhaps found yourselfSuddenly capable of holding your tongueThough it squirms in your mouth,Or pausing a momentTo let someone else winFor once,Or taking a leap of faithWhen you’d sworn to never take a chance again.The best versions of ourselvesAre […]

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Seeds in the desert

Sowing seed in the desert Sometimes it just gets a little too much.Too much self-sabotageToo many losses to the pandemicToo much disruption to your lifeToo many self-inflicted wounds.Whether its your own faultOr you just find yourself caughtIn a chaotic time in history,It feels like the ground is too dryFor food to growAnd your throat is […]

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Mightier than any sword

Are words in a human mindPoking holes into our ignoranceCarving paths out of chaos.Long after we are no moreIt is what we stood forThat will endure,The sacred texts that held us together through our stormsWill be the anchor for a generation yet unborn.The right words,Aptly placed,Can endure,And can be far reachingImpacting the minds of peopleWe […]

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Cost nothing as a kid.Naivete about the world allowsChildhood aspirations to bubbleEffortlessly to the surface,And at that ageTime seems infinite,Our very existence is teemingWith possibility.As a kid, unless something comesAnd breaks your spirit earlier than usual,Anything is possible.Now as an adultDreams are expensive.Irresponsible even.And at some point,Many of us make peaceWith them never bearing fruit.Life […]

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The hands that mould us

Are both tender and harsh.Nurturing and scolding.Encouraging and demoralizing.Sometimes intentional. Often random.Our stories are made possible as muchBy the people that have loved usAs by those that hurt us.Some hands wiped away our tearsAnd caressed our cheek in a tender kiss,Awakening us to the steadying affection of human touch.And then there are hands that haveDealt […]

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Shaking my head. Passing judgement Casting stones Handing out shame. Freely. Levelling my gaze of disapproval, Of borderline disgust And disappointment At this person Who never seems to get it right Who regularly sinks to the level Of my low expectations Whose accomplishments are easy to overlook And whose faults are so glaringly obvious. I’ve […]

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Enough grace on Monday

For the weeks that end With more questions than answers, That add yet another weight Onto shoulders that are already aching, When worst case scenarios Playing out in the mind Seem to only get more vivid as the days pass, As anxiety mounts And the clouds of depression Threaten to break right above our heads- […]

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