Amplification paradox

I want to be known.Not famouslyBut deeply.To be seen-Not on stageBut in my favorite chair.Heard-Not in a speechBut in intimate conversation.Scale often comes at the costOf genuine connectionWith the people you are seeking to serve.Amplifying your workMay mean having a “further reach”But if it is depth and you are after,Then it may be better foundWith […]

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Writing for Reincarnation

The pen does so much more thanRecord our present thoughtsOr disperse our ideasFar and wideFor others to savor.The pen presents an opportunityFor a part of ourselvesTo exist outside of our physical membersOn a pageFor others to encounter.Every day I populate my mindWith the written words of great writers,From ancient scribes of sacred textsTo contemporary authors […]

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Counting Cash

Is easy. You will know  When you have it  And you’ll feel it  When you don’t. But what about impact? What about the people Who’ve quietly admired you from afar And have found courage and inspiration From seeing your story unfold as it has? Unlike cash, You often don’t know  How much of a difference […]

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What is it about words that move us?Give us peace?Wound us deeply?We may never know how far reachingOur words may be,In prose or in speechThere is not way of knowingHow deeply embedded they become in the psycheOf those they reach,From the testimony of a recovering addictYou may never meet,Whose story you see and hear through […]

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Who are your skills for?

For people with skills that society rewards-Who are your skills for?You have acquired something valuableAnd you are equipped to solve problems,Spent years to gain masteryOvercome numerous challengesAnd now you have a capcity to create change in the world with dexterity-Utlimately what you now possess is a gift.Something to offerSomething with which to craft the world […]

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