Is how so much of the world’s harmIs done.If you look long and hard enoughYou’ll find injusticeIngrained under all our fingernails,How even the purest of institutionsBattle the entropyThat emanates from having had human founders.We give voice to the oppressedBy silencing the offspring of oppressorsWe call for equalityBut use unequal instruments to do soWe are broken […]

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The pace of approval

There is a pernicious thoughtThat tells us that our work only matters When it is applauded,That our lives only count When they are seen and celebratedBy others.But what if the message we carryIs one that The world is not ready to hear? What if our purpose on this earthIs to hold up a mirror To the people around us,And uncover […]

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Inclusive Innovation

InnovationIs often born out of frustrationAnd convictions about inclusionEmerge from disparate societies.Great progress and affluenceHas often been made possibleBy great exploitation,Mind boggling prosperitySide by side with breathtaking povertyUnequal.Inclusive innovationIs an appeal to our creativityA call to do better,To build a larger tableFor more people to sit atTo dig a deeper wellFor more people to drink.Are […]

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On being your own engine

In the early daysYou typically can’t affordTo hit the snooze button,You don’t have enough of a track recordTo be afforded the benefit of the doubt,You can’t afford a psychologistTo help you work out yourMental angstAnd you can’t affordTo be sick.In the early daysOf many endeavorsYou are your own engine,You must self regulateAnd self motivate.Sometimes all […]

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Consistent or Stuck?

Why be consistent?What is it for?Sure, showing upDay after day matters,But where is it going?Doing what’s expectedAnd then doing it over and over againMay create stabilityAnd predictability to our daysAnd a reputation for our name,But creating the same situationsOver and over againIs also the definitionOf being stuck.If you are building a house,It’s important to know […]

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Second fiddle

Far too often, development in Africa Looks like a knock off of progress made in other parts of the world, Ideas that percolated in foreign minds That were tried and tested on (and for) foreign soils Only to be cut and pasted In a different context For different minds Different soil. Learning how others have […]

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Point of view. The unique way in which The world makes sense to you. No one can taste life on your behalf, Grasp your opportunities as strongly Feel your losses as deeply. Reputable things aren’t only done by those with a reputation, Insights don’t only belong to those with years under their belt Wisdom is […]

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The trouble with validation

Is how passive it is.How easily it allows you to ignore the green lightsYour Creator already gave you.How at the core of it, its a lack of beliefThat you are here for a reason.For some of us, it means giving someoneWho can’t even spell your nameThe right to tell you who you are.Awaiting validation is […]

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How great?

How great are you really, if the axis of your ambition Pivots on personal benefit? How wonderful are your interventions If you, alone, can carry them out? How generous are your donations If you intend to permanently capture the means of wealth creation? Making it big by working harder and smarter than everyone else Is […]

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Progress >Ideals

Progress is greater than ideals. Especially if those ideals are utopian and are backed by evidence That seems to only work well for people in quite favorable circumstances. The creatures of technology and innovation Have long out-run the real life experiences of many in this world. There is more research about the best possible ways […]

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