Too tired to write

The words fell onto the pageBegrudginglyPainfully.Slowly.Like a thick, heavy honeyThat reluctantly falls off the combPromising sweetnessBut releasing itEver so slowly.I was tired.But I knewThat once the ink began to flowInspiration would not be far behind.Writing deserves our best hoursBut if all we haveAre the dying moments of the day,Even then the pen will not disappoint-It […]

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Running out of juice

Will the fountain of inspirationEver run dry?Is there a limit that God has setOn the ideas a person can have?Projects we can attempt?Is there a cap to human potential?The obvious answer is no.But we often live as thoughIt were otherwise,As though the good thing you had goingWhich was ruined by the pandemicIs the last good […]

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Do you wait for inspiration to strike?Or do you go hunting for it? When I was youngerInspiration used to feel like an old manChasing me down the street,Waving an idea in his handAnd yelling at me to make him knownTo everyone else.So writing became a way of lettingA genie out of a bottle.Now that I […]

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