They forgot the bread

The disciples had forgotten to bring bread, except for one loaf they had with them in the boat. Mark 8:14 His disciples hadn’t done their homework They regularly failed to anticipate group meal times And often found themselves unprepared for the day’s events. Maybe travelling with Jesus was a whirlwind of activity, Never really quite […]

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The morning that changed everything. When death was defied And the gravest injustice Was simultaneously the greatest redemption. The ultimate come back story Where a man who claimed to be God Came back with the receipts. Larger than life, His Person looms over human history Inextinguishable Indefatigable. His story told and retold over millennia Yet […]

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There are no good men

Only sinners who found mercy Like convicts on death row who’ve found a surrogate at the last hour Debtors with cancelled debts. There are no redeeming acts No self-attained righteousness for even The noblest among us, No track record worth keeping. There are no good men. Our revolutionaries became oppressors We repeat the errors of […]

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The harrowing prayer of Christ in that garden Did not change His circumstance. Indeed it was His last few moments Before going up to be crucified, A crucifixion He spoke of repeatedly. The contents of the prayer Reveal a level of vulnerability That is most unsettling. Christ accepts His crushing fate While expressing His desire […]

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COVID Christmas

The pandemic isn’t over.Far from it.Some of us didn’t make it.Some of us are stuck in foreign placesSterilized roomsAbusive houses.Some of us can’t be with the ones we love.Some of us are sitting aloneIn silence. In darkness.Isolation.Christmas has always been rough for many-A reminder of what could have been,But isn’t.ChristmasIs not only for the merry;The […]

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Great Equalizer

We are all on the wrong side of the equation. Less than we should be Distorted by the intensity of our desires, Unable to handle pleasure, With a fatal attraction to evil. The scariest things about being alive on this earth, Do not emanate from the skies above Or crevices below, But from the recesses […]

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If God had an apron It would be soiled. With blood and sweat and tears. The blood of His own Son, The sweat of His brow from the work he has done And the tears He sheds for us. A holy God, He could have chosen to stay far removed from the Messy details of […]

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If the day ever comes When it all falls apart, May you find beneath the grief A solid Anchor for your heart When you’re groping in the darkness Searching for a light, May you find the Light of the world Close within your sight For your Helper is not One Who shies away from your […]

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Of Suffering

So much of our faith was penned in the midst of suffering So many tenets of our beliefs crafted in the midst of pain. Think of Abraham and Sarah who found God’s promises in the midst of childlessness Joseph who was sold into slavery and served Him in the depth of a foreign prison Imagine […]

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