A warm embrace. A reminder that you matter. A demonstration that I care. Kindness is the unrequested gift  That our hearts madly crave- You are not obliged to offer it, But I am sure glad you do. Sometimes all that I need Is a hug, Grinding all day in search of  A word of affirmation. […]

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Awkward carols

Christmas carols are not typically sung Outside of December. As such, I think we can be forgiven For not getting the cadence and rhythm of the words right As we awkwardly stumble through Long pauses and extended notes In very wordy verses. It’s awkward but still worth doing. You know what else is awkward Around […]

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Candidates for Mercy

Mercy. If you think deeply about it for long enough It can become quite unsettling. Who is it for? Who qualifies for mercy in your books? Is it still mercy if it is offered to someone innocent? Someone falsely accused? That’s justice, no? So who gets mercy? Maybe it can be offered to someone guilty […]

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