Just another person

The regard of my neighborMeans too much to me.Its embarrassing that I care so much.I crave too deeply forA look of approval on their face,My heart yearns too muchFor the stranger passing me byTo show interest in my person-I hope they can see how complex I amThat I somehow stand outAmong the masses.These foolish hopes […]

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I have never walked alone

He was right thereWhen my feet swept the streets in the darkness.He sat with meWhen no one else would.When I was overlookedHe gazed upon me with intent.When I lost all my friendsHe called me by name.When I was deeply misunderstoodHe saw me.When I felt alone in the crowdHe singled me out for Himself.Distant lands and […]

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COVID Christmas

The pandemic isn’t over.Far from it.Some of us didn’t make it.Some of us are stuck in foreign placesSterilized roomsAbusive houses.Some of us can’t be with the ones we love.Some of us are sitting aloneIn silence. In darkness.Isolation.Christmas has always been rough for many-A reminder of what could have been,But isn’t.ChristmasIs not only for the merry;The […]

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