The failures of others

Are not necessarily occasionsFor your withdrawalOr consternation,As though you were an inanimatePiece of paperYellowing under the unforgiving sun,Curling in on itself Becoming increasingly deformedAs though it had no choice.Unlike that paperYou are not obligatedTo bend into yourselfWhen you are in pain-Something beautiful can be madeFrom your trauma.The failures of othersNeed not define youNor be the […]

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Her laugh

There’s quite likeWatching her unfurlLike a banner of joyIn human form,Laughter turning her faceInto a blossomThat lights up the room,Her voice into a banquetI’d like to go to,Humor and mirthIn the very air we breath.Her laugh is never pernicious,Breaking out at someone else’s expense,But it is pure and undulatingUplifting and invitingInfectious in all the best […]

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Mama’s house

The house smelled like laughter,Mostly hers-A medium tone chuckleThat stretched on like a happy mistThat lingered in the room.Her buoyant spiritWas a steady recognizable atmosphereThat made every house we lived inFeel like home.Saturday morningsWe woke up to Mama praying;Loudly and intenselySomehow instilling bothThe fear of GodAnd a deep sense of safetyBefore saying amen.She governed the […]

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There is a LoverWho didn’t just claimHe’d die for you-He actually did.There are armsThat can hold not just your bodyBut the very pieces of your soul together,There are WordsThat when spoken don’t justMake your ears tingleOr your stomah flutterBut can remind your broken heartWhere home really isWhile holding the very fabric of reality in place.Every […]

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Kindness isn’t a garnish

Its the whole meal.If you can only be kindWhen everything is dandyThen your brand of kindnessIs of the cheapest kind-Flimsy and unreliable.Kindness counts the mostWhen it comes least naturally,When the other personDoesn’t deserve it,When you don’t feel like it.Kindness isn’t a luxury goodAn extra piece of luggageSomething to consider at the end-No.‘Kind’ is the best […]

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Blessings becoming burdens

Sometimes it’s the good stuff That trips you up. The overconfidence that comes with a  Good track record, A long list of followers and  And the roaring thunder of applause. Blessings can become burdens, Binding you ever more tightly To what you’ve made of yourself until  You’re convinced that nothing else matters, Victories from yesterday  […]

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My eyes will rest  On no other face but hers. Her laugh is the one  That softens my heart the quickest, Her affections, more precious  Than gold. Though time and space  May keep us apart  I never forget  Just who it is  This heart was made for. 

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A warm embrace. A reminder that you matter. A demonstration that I care. Kindness is the unrequested gift  That our hearts madly crave- You are not obliged to offer it, But I am sure glad you do. Sometimes all that I need Is a hug, Grinding all day in search of  A word of affirmation. […]

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Resources for love

There are infinite resources For love In Christ. Everything we ever needed Everything we ever hope for. He is not our role model Or just somebody to show the way But He is The Great Lover of our souls Our Kinsman Redeemer, Making heirs out of orphans Forming sons out of enemies Piercing human divisions […]

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Love and Faithfulness

Are the most persistent thingsOn the planet.The world was set in motionBy LoveAnd faithfulness keeps itSpinning.The love of God created the chemistry Between the first man and womanAnd the faithfulness of GodSustained the first family on earth.The love of God intricately designedAll living beings on the earthAnd provisions have been made forTheir daily bread ever […]

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