A warm embrace. A reminder that you matter. A demonstration that I care. Kindness is the unrequested gift  That our hearts madly crave- You are not obliged to offer it, But I am sure glad you do. Sometimes all that I need Is a hug, Grinding all day in search of  A word of affirmation. […]

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Resources for love

There are infinite resources For love In Christ. Everything we ever needed Everything we ever hope for. He is not our role model Or just somebody to show the way But He is The Great Lover of our souls Our Kinsman Redeemer, Making heirs out of orphans Forming sons out of enemies Piercing human divisions […]

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Love and Faithfulness

Are the most persistent thingsOn the planet.The world was set in motionBy LoveAnd faithfulness keeps itSpinning.The love of God created the chemistry Between the first man and womanAnd the faithfulness of GodSustained the first family on earth.The love of God intricately designedAll living beings on the earthAnd provisions have been made forTheir daily bread ever […]

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There’s something about commitmentThat scares and steadies the heart all at once.Scary because it means forsaking other options,Steadying because now you have tethered your very existenceTo a piece of landTo a causeA businessA person.To be invested,To throw in your lot with anything on this Third Rock from the SunIs risky business:Many a cautionary taleSpeak of […]

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Glory days

We don’t always knowWe’re in the good old daysWhen we’re in them.When life more or less went according to planAnd seasons were predictable,When the money was goodAnd the love came easy-‘Glory days‘As it were.But not everything wasBetter in the past.Life before the pandemicWas not a bed of rosesAnd it turns outWhat someone calls the ‘Good […]

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The Overview Effect

Things often look better (or terribly worse)From a distance.The view from 10, 000 feetCan blur the harsh edgesOf daily life.There are few people’s experiencesWe will ever know intimately enoughTo savour the nuance of theirComplicated relationships,Controversial decisions orConvoluted life trajectories.No matter how much news we consumeOr how many Instagram pages we followWe may just get the […]

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Love changes everything

Not just the circumstances of your lifeBut the terms and conditions by which you live it.You can’t ever un-experience a meaningful relationship.You can take it for granted, fail to maintain it and even lose it,But you can never erase who you became when you were with them. Love, love changes everythingHands and faces, earth and […]

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Troubled Waters

Don’t lie. The murkiness is clear to see. You are more likely To find discrepancy in waters that appear perfectly still, Where people mirror back to one another What they think others want to see, Hiding who they really are from view Because they are smart enough to know That nobody likes troubled waters Shaky […]

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Nails were driven Into His Hands, His feet. His side was pierced His back was beaten His head was bruised. He hung, Held up not just by nails But His will to please the Father. His love for us Cost Him everything- The air in his lungs ceased for us His blood flowed on our […]

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