Nails were driven Into His Hands, His feet. His side was pierced His back was beaten His head was bruised. He hung, Held up not just by nails But His will to please the Father. His love for us Cost Him everything- The air in his lungs ceased for us His blood flowed on our […]

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Is terribly underrated. With all the talk of ‘finding your voice’ And ‘speaking your truth’ Who’s going to be there to hear it all? Storytelling has been elevated To near god-like status And yet what good is a story If there isn’t an ear to hear it? In a world with more voices Than we […]

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Are not excuses. They put us us in a better position To fulfil our commitments. An adjustment is about a change in posture Not a change of mind, A shifting in your seat Not getting up and leaving. A vantage point Not an exit point. We will (or at least should) be held accountable for […]

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Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created mankind in his own […]

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Happiness is…

Being at home with a person you care about. Being told “Yes” when it really matters. Being glad that you said “Yes”. Finding money in a random pocket. Giving money away. When you work things out with your person after a fight. Receiving a genuine apology. That light unforced touch that says “You matter”. Sharing […]

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The one I have chosen to love. To set my affections on. To choose before myself And hold in highest regard. This love is an matter of the will, An active decision. Made again. And again. Not waiting for an external stimulus As one who helplessly waits for Cupid’s arrow, But rather it is a […]

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Is blinding.It is short sighted.It is easy to complain about something not being as you need it to be.But the question of personal responsibility never leaves youYou have a responsibility to honor God with your lifeTo love others,Regardless.Respect yourself,Regardless.No matter how dark the days may getThe things you are responsible for, remain that way.And rather […]

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Has its place.Repairs in your home.Assembling furniture.Painting a back wall.Planting a garden.But its not always usefulAs a posture for being a part of community.Other human beings can be simultaneouslyOur greatest joys and deepest frustrations:There is no way of having one withoutThe possibility of the other.When your self-sufficiencyKeeps you from accepting the contributions of others,It creates […]

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Conversations with friends

Are like book markers in a book; They give immediate context of where we’re at, Remind us of the ground we’ve covered And give us a sense of what is still to come. Words that bubble through the air From their lips to our hearts As though they were always meant to live there. Perhaps […]

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