Is there only one blessing?

Esau pleaded, “But do you have only one blessing? Oh my father, bless me, too!” Then Esau broke down and wept.Genesis 27:38 There was Esau;Empty handed, Broken-hearted At the feet of his father,Tricked by his brother,Tears streaming down his facePleading for a blessing From his father’s lips That had been intercepted By his trickster brother, Jacob.His father, Isaac, Had only one […]

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The Long Game

We are not in a rush.We have no points to prove,Just goals to achieve.We are not out hereTrying to appearLike we have ‘arrived’When the journey has reallyJust begun.We are not ashamedOf starting small.We will not dismiss ourselvesBecause we have been overlooked by others.We will not measure ourselvesBy the success of other people,We will celebrate every […]

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Stinky Foot

The only problem with “Living our best lives” Is that we don’t live them Every day. We speak a lot about Positioning ourselves With our best foot forward As though that foot Is the only one we have, As though some days Aren’t dark Some nights- Too long, Some choices made- Unfortunate. None of us […]

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There’s something about commitmentThat scares and steadies the heart all at once.Scary because it means forsaking other options,Steadying because now you have tethered your very existenceTo a piece of landTo a causeA businessA person.To be invested,To throw in your lot with anything on this Third Rock from the SunIs risky business:Many a cautionary taleSpeak of […]

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The one I have chosen to love. To set my affections on. To choose before myself And hold in highest regard. This love is an matter of the will, An active decision. Made again. And again. Not waiting for an external stimulus As one who helplessly waits for Cupid’s arrow, But rather it is a […]

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Habits of love

Slow. Steady pursuit.Daily considerationsAnnual recommitments.Making plans for more than one.Listening.Forgiving.Letting some things goCalling other things out.Sitting in another’s messAnd not rushing to clean it up.Sitting in another’s victoryAnd not diminishing their moment.Rooting for another.Weeping for another.Being for another.

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