Go gently

Into the new week.Last Monday doesn’t have toCast a shadow on this one.The emotional baggageOf failed conversations.Poorly done tasks,And strained relationshipsCan take a steady tollOn your mental health,Melting the weeksInto a multi-episode dramaOf low-grade anxiety and fatigueThat coalesce to form aGrey and formless sludge.Go gently into the new week.Put away the boxing glovesAnd stop the […]

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You are not your thoughts

Its strangeBut its true.Not every feelingNot every thoughtIs who you really are.Or at least,Who you always have to be.Our mental landscapeIs in part given to usAnd in part made by us-The series of narrativesThat you have become so accustomed toAre not necessarily the whole of who you are.The scenes in your mindDon’t always have to […]

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Not alone

I am not alone after all.  It’s my thoughts  That were leading me astray Telling me that I’ll always  Walk alone And that I prefer things  That way. But we all know  That the defence mechanisms We developed to cope with our fears Are merely tough exteriors  Are not who we really are.  We were […]

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What is it about the human experienceThat so many of us seek numbness?Continuously looking for an escape from our reality?Hunting for distractionsAs an essential resource,Reaching for somethingAnythingTo take us somewhere,AnywhereBut here.Anesthesia, it seems,Is the drug of choiceFor our generation,On our grand pursuit of happiness-Even if it can only be foundIn the temporary, makeshiftWorlds of forgetfulness, […]

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Rooting for you

I wish you well.Not a superficial wishThat you might haveA storm free lifeBut a soul-deep wholenessThat stubbornly holds true in timesOf affliction.And yes, you are afflicted,Your body has betrayed youYour mind is frazzledYour spirit forlorn-You’ve taken a beatingAnd its okay to say so.I am rooting for you,That you find a placeTo lay your burdens,And find […]

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The space between our ears

Is a peculiar hinterlandOf wonders and horrors,Facts and fantasiesWhere human consciousness residesAnd personality is incubated-Animating our beingInterpreting our reality,Making us human.Many of us have found great canyons there:The birthplace of ambitionThe genesis of great endeavorThe vastness of joy and love.And at the same time some of usHave found dungeons more confining thanAny man-made prison:Trapped by […]

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Internal Flex

The parts of our humanity that people can seeAre often not the partsOf greatest sifnificance,They won’t make it onto social mediaAnd are easily misunderstoodBut they are anchors for your soulTrusted landmarks for your mind-Things likeDeep contentmentHabitual forgivenessSlowness to judge andFinding freedom in beautiful constraints.The internal flexIs the soul-deep habitOf prioritising the healthOf our inner worldsEven […]

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Skimming Joy

Joy,Unlike milkIsn’t so greatWhen its skimmed.Its like trading inA queen for a pawn,Choosing a careerOver choosing a life,Putting together experiencesBut never quite coming alive,When your diaryHas little spaceFor actual enjoymentOf a given season,But plenty of timeFor complaining about it.Joy helps us savour the daysAnd gives colour to the moments,Joy should not be skimmed-Not light and […]

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The thing you most need to say

Is often the hardest thing to say.It takes up so much real estateIn your mind, yetYou’ve become accustomedTo suppressing it,Brushing it off,Kicking the can down an endless road,Only to find that the you’re kicking itDeeper into your psyche,Where its taking rootAnd changing your mental landscape.And though the wordsMay never be found on your lips,They speak […]

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Asthma Attack

It creeps up slowly,InsidiouslySoftly at first and then suddenly violent-One moment you’re going aboutYour existenceHardly awareThat you’re breathing at all,The next you’re keenly awareOf how difficult it is gettingFor the air to pass in and pass outLike finding the roomHas shrunk three sizesWithout warning.As you fumble for your inhalerYou wonder just how manyBodily functionsYou’ve been […]

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