Boats to Tarshish

If you dwell on other people’s faultsFor long enoughIt gets easierTo handle them with an iron claw,To wish for their punishmentMore than their redemption,To hold them to a stricter standardThan you could ever bear,To magnify their failures’Til they blot out the sun.Boats to TarshishWill always be available:An opportunity for offence to grow legsAnd for hateful […]

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God of the Sunrise

You never miss a chanceTo show off Your majestyDelivering masterpieceAfter masterpieceWhile most of us sleep.Daily You ship out aMagical sunriseA morning of graceA new promiseA fresh start.The morning sky is stainedA deep pinkWith tinges of a heady orange,A new day being birthed.As the minutes pass quicklyThe LORD quietly rinses the cloudsOf their crimson hueLeaving behind […]

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Holier than thou

The holiest One to ever liveAlready lived, died and resurrectedSo there’s no needTo try compete for His number one spot.indeed, to be a ChristianIs not about our Herculean effortsTo be good peopleBut rather it is to live a life in responseTo One greater than Hercules,And greater than every other heroWe dreamed of being as kids-The […]

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Candidates for Mercy

Mercy. If you think deeply about it for long enough It can become quite unsettling. Who is it for? Who qualifies for mercy in your books? Is it still mercy if it is offered to someone innocent? Someone falsely accused? That’s justice, no? So who gets mercy? Maybe it can be offered to someone guilty […]

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So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16 There’s a sinking feeling I get When I see my fridge emptying Or my bank balance receding, As a consequence of consuming food And spending money. This is somewhat illogical, […]

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