There are no shallow ends

If you care about anythingDeeply enoughIn this lifeThere will be risk ofGetting in over your headLooking stupidEven drowning.Unpredictablity is insescspableNo matter howRisk averse you are,And the cost of caringWill always be high.So if you know thatThe waters are deepAll the way throughThen its probably worthLearning how to swim.

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Unto Ourselves

Are there not limits to how muchSaving of ourselvesWe can do?If ‘God helps those who helps themselves‘Where does that leave the helpless?If ‘we are the ones we’ve been waiting for‘Where do we goWhen we don’t know where to go?How can we leadWhen we haven’t been led?Show grace when we’ve never beenAfforded the benefit of the […]

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Entry level Gigs

Mean you’ve got a got a foot in the doorYou’ve just gotten startedYou have no track recordNo one knows what you’re capable ofAnd to be honest, neither do you.You don’t know what’s round the corner,Whether the stories you’ve been toldAbout it being a ‘dead end’ are trueOr if the future doors that were advertisedWill one […]

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Narrow gates, Open spaces

More choice doesn’t always lead to better outcomes.Fighting for moreIs not the sameAs fighting for better.When options are narrowedDistractions are easier to wean outAnd the stakes are raised for thePaths we do choose to take,Coasting is not an optionWhen there’s nowhere to hide.In a world where the default is to ask for more,Its easy to […]

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