24/7 Fallacy

Maybe this idea ofLife with no limitsIs a scam.Yes, we are capable ofA great number of things-But not everything.We want it allBut we will never haveEnough space for itAnd despite the inventionOf video callsWe can only beIn one place at a time.Its unfortunate thatIt usually takes a fewCrash and burnsTo embrace our actual condition.There are […]

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Perfect Paths

Sometimes, we tell ourselvesThat unless we findThe perfect pathThen its foolish to takeThe first step.And yet that is theMost foolish step to of all-The commitment to being noncommittalThe choice of not choosingThe decision to not decide;WaitingFor someone elseTo make your dreams come true.In case you were wondering –There are no perfect paths.No one gets them.No […]

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The song followed me aroundAll dayDemanding to be heardThe lyrics kept swirling in my headRefusing to be forgottenEvery step seemed to echoThe chorusMy fingernails incessantly drumming toThe beatIt was the soundtrack behind everyConversationThe rhythym of the passing minutesThe melody of my dayBeckoning me back to my phoneTo play it one more time.

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Monday Mornings

Feel like eggs that scrambleToo quicklyOn a pan that’s too hotAnd a tad too small,Making for a hurried, burnt mealThat could have beenA lot better.The minutes betweenWaking upAnd leaving the houseRun surprising quicklyLike a mischievous toddlerIn a grocery store.The sleep never feelsLike it’s good enoughAnd the feeling of the weekendSeems to linger likeIt hasn’t quite […]

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Are not absolutely limiting.Many of the legends we admire have had limitationsThat would make most of us tremble:From disease to discriminationThe threat is always real.And the fact that victoryIsn’t certainMakes the storyThat much more compelling.Our limitations need not absolutely limit usThey can be the walls that narrow our focus,The containers that help us hold the […]

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Today’s mix

Is specific.Depending on:The weatherHow (or if) you slept last night.The last meal you had and when you had it.How you feel about yourself todayHow you feel about the world todayHow you feel about your lot in life today.However these things fall todayChances are they will not fall the same way tomorrow.Today’s chances,DisappointmentsStagnanciesFortunate encountersAnd good breaks […]

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