Not yet Uhuru

Freedom never stayed long with her.Struggle came too easilyToo frequentlyA fruit that hung much too low.The struggle alwaysSeemed to be continuing.She repeatedly found herselfAt war with othersAnd nearly every dayAt war with herselfAt war with her wrongsAt war with a worldThat didn’t make sense anymore.Freedom visited herLike a lover in a long distance relationship-Gloriously but […]

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The song followed me aroundAll dayDemanding to be heardThe lyrics kept swirling in my headRefusing to be forgottenEvery step seemed to echoThe chorusMy fingernails incessantly drumming toThe beatIt was the soundtrack behind everyConversationThe rhythym of the passing minutesThe melody of my dayBeckoning me back to my phoneTo play it one more time.

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When to stop playing

During a rehearsalMistakes are expected.Vocalists are looking for a key that works for them and the song,The drummer is trying to land tricky rollsThe guitarists always seem to be tuning.Finding cohesion between all the moving partsOften takes a few rounds.So when mistakes and unplanned things inevitably happen at rehearsalThere are a few choices –To stop […]

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On being multi-talented

Jacob Collier is an awe-inspiring musician.He plays more instruments than most people can name.If you cut him he would bleed treble clefs.He writes, records and produces his own music.And he does it all with a kind of Exuberance that’s impossible to fake.A sensation.The world has taken notice.He’s even won a few Grammy’s.Sure, he’s multi-talentedBut he […]

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