Thorns in the flesh

Accountability, done right,Hurts.People that have the courageTo call things outAre often portrayed as being So unnecessarySo contrarianSo unwilling to just let things beAnd let ‘our way of life’Go on.And yet there is nothing more constantTo mankind than change.And it is unlikely that change will happenWithout frictionWithout uncomfortable conversationsWithout pushing back on thingsWe’ve let ourselves overlook.The […]

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The cupboard has been moved

“Being a part of the furniture” Can be seen as a term of endearment. People know where to find you. You show up regularly enough For others to know they can lean on you, Depend on you Make plans around you And sadly, also take you for granted. For any organisation, It’s important to recognize […]

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Working toilets

What does it say about a place if the toilets are not working?A working toilet is unremarkable:Except for quality assurance officials,No one should really notice.But it becomes unmistakable when it doesn’t work.Sure, no toilet is built to run for all timeAnd the maintenance budget can understandably be a little leanIn tough times,But a broken toilet […]

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Convenience List

Everyone has one. A list of favorites. People and things that tickle your fancy A bunch of nice things. People that you like. Nothing more. Everyone has one. And indeed we are all entitled to one. The trouble starts when you realize that you didn’t make someone else’s list. That someone didn’t find your particular […]

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