The end of the pandemic

Is definitely going to be underwhelming.After all the undoingAnd all the disorientationThe virus will take a less prominent seatBut the havoc it wreakedWill not be easily forgotten-At least not at first.But it will fade from viewAs all things do.Disaster will once againBe a local experience,Bad news will seem far awayAs it once didAnd we may […]

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Shaky ground

Isn’t a sign that you’re in the wrong placeOr that you’ve screwed up royally.Its a signal to not look for stabilityWhere none is offeredOr reach for certaintyWhere only choices are available.There is a reason whyWe have feet-To move.To change paceTo step out of one realityInto another.The pandemic and everything sinceHas shown us how littleWe can […]

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Screwing people over

Seems to be low hanging fruit.How the cookie tends to crumble.We are far too quickTo defend a state of affairsThat involves the powerful making lifeJust a little bit harderFor most other people,Whether its ignoring inequalitiesOr celebrating destructive trends-Humans hurting humansIs a blood sportFor which we have not lostAn appetite for.If business as usualMeans making your […]

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One day at a time

Life is livedOn life’s terms-Not ours.We often hope that the coming of the new yearDramatically changes certain things in our lives:As if when the clock strikes twelveWe will find ourselves on a steady pathTowards radical transformation.Life is livedDay to dayAnd the people we becomeAlong the wayMatters far more than the shores we seek to reach.Real […]

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We’re gonna need you next year

For some of usAll we could do this year was survive-Simply not die.And if you make it to the other sideWe’re gonna need you.Your ear to listenYour heart to careYour arm around weeping shouldersYour hands in serviceYour pen to that paperYour lips to that micYour knee bent in proposalYour hands lifted up in prayer.We’re gonna […]

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Seeing it for yourself

Sometimes its worth seeing for yourselfIf the stereotypes are trueIf there really is no better alternativeIf the door really is lockedWith no way in-Not so you can join the ranksOf naysayers and status quo-defendersBut so that you might be ableTo find a back door.Cynicism leaves little roomFor redemptionAnd its almost as though cynicsEnjoy being right […]

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Consistency isn’t everything

Because things change.People change.Priorities changeAnd rules of thumb evolveDepending on who’s handsWe’re looking at.Just because we’ve chosen poorlyFor so longDoesn’t mean we will do so forever,And if we’ve gotten luckyFor the past two yearsDoesn’t mean its never going toRun out.Indeed our lives tell a storyOver decades,But we don’t live in years-We live moment by moment,Each […]

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Still you

It will still be you All those months from now When life stops handing you lemons And hands you flowers instead. You. No other version of you Will magically appear- Counting blessings And being gracious. No The same you With a greater taste for bitter lemonade Than a nose for smelling roses, That is the […]

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The new workaholic

May be harder to spotBecause she’s working from home.She doesn’t wear office slacks as muchAnd her bed is closerThan it’s ever been,Yet don’t be surprisedIf somehow, sleep still escapes herBecause of work.She may be spending less timeAt the officeWhich theoretically frees us up the timeShe would have spent commuting,But she’s been in virtual meetingsAll day […]

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‘Are we there yet?’

In some ways 2021Is harder than 2020.Its not the heavy downpour,But the slow, unrelenting dripThat wears us down in the end.Life before the pandemicSeems increasingly distantAnd much simpler in a sad wayBecause it didn’t feelThat way at the time.And it seems unclearIf this generationWill be bound to always have An impending sense of doomLooking over […]

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