Small steps are blessed

There’s a reason whyLife is livedIn days andNot yearsWhy victoryOften comes slowlyAnd why most of us aren’t bornWith teeth and facial hair.Life refuses to be rushed,To giddy upTo the gallop of our ambitionNo matter how noble or urgentOur cause may be.Small steps are blessedBecause unlikeLarge, occasional leaps,Small daily exploitsAre always within reachAnd we are much […]

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Hollow Jewel

A life that sparklesOnly on the surfaceWith more hypeThan substance,Where success comesToo quicklyToo easilyWithout depthWithout patienceWithout a need for GodOr other people-Such a lifeMay dazzle for a timeBut in the end is aHollow jewelOr worse stillA counterfeit.Contrasted to an existence that isHewn out of struggleWith promises that tarry,Forged in the fireThat faith requiresProduces something closerTo […]

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Instant messaging

Doesn’t mean Instant responses Should be demanded Or endless availability Expected. Being online Doesn’t obligate a person To to giving you their attention, And them seeing a message Is not the same as Being ready to respond to it. The promise of instant messaging Is that a message Can be drafted on one device And […]

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Troubled Waters

Don’t lie. The murkiness is clear to see. You are more likely To find discrepancy in waters that appear perfectly still, Where people mirror back to one another What they think others want to see, Hiding who they really are from view Because they are smart enough to know That nobody likes troubled waters Shaky […]

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Are all you really have.Yesterday’s events are sealedBeyond recoveryAnd tomorrow’s plans will only unfoldTomorrow.So whether today has been catastrophicOr if it has been the best day of your lifeThe next sequence of eventsIs not obviousNor set in stone,And the next step may not be somethingWorth posting on your wallYet from the greatest to the most […]

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Pandemic Fatigue

Healing and patience are lovers – Alessia Cara What does it mean to give yourself time?To give your heart space to adapt? The thing about being hard on yourself is that you are always there to beat yourself some more. To still pull yourself in the wrong direction again and again. Everyone has their anxietiesTheir […]

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Is not discouraged enough. With so many images on our news feed Of other people living their best lives; Reaping harvests and claiming awards, Its easy to excuse each other For feeling like good things Don’t come to those who wait. Patience may be out of fashion But it’s definitely not obsolete. Patience is not […]

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How much evidence do you need that is contrary to what you currently believe For you to change your mind? There’s a difference between not having enough proof To support a claim And choosing not to acknowledge what’s right in front of you. How much good does a man have to do To prove that […]

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Setbacks. Things not going according to “plan”. We often hold all too dearly to the timetables that we set for ourselves As we sometimes fail to meet our own expectations or the standards set by our peers. Though it’s no fun missing a flight, repeating a year of school, growing up with a learning disability […]

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