Clean Solutions

Are few and far between.The older we getThe muddier the idea poolBecomes.In the begininng its easy,A dirty diaper?Change it.A hungry infant?Feed it.A skinned kneeBandage it.But what do you for things likeRacismHistorical debtAnd untractable human drama?You pray for strength and guidance,Do your bestAnd then hope like hellThat it’s enoughTo keep it allFrom burning down.

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Light years

You will always be light years away From perfection Because though all created things Have infinity bound up within them- No matter how many hills we climb And dragons we slay There will always be yet another height Yet another beast. We live in world Of inescapable limitations with Facts that will remain unchanged No […]

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It seems in order to succeed In a less than perfect world A certain amount of Disregard Is necessary. For the leader to let go of Her perfectionism And find ways to accept the members of her team For who they actually are While inspiring them to be better. For the follower to abandon His […]

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Hair on an Egg

Have you ever seen hair Growing an egg? You won’t. Have you ever been on the edge Of some great adventure, On the cusp of a worthwhile, audacious project And then searched long and hard For the one reason Not to show up? You’ll probably find it. But the fact that you had to search […]

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Pressure to ‘get it right’

If by ‘getting it right’You mean creating something that cannot be improvedOr controlling events outside your current jurisdictionOr doing work that attracts no criticismThen the pressure is unwarranted.What good is ‘getting it right’If you are not able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor?There is an eye that is almost always dissatisfiedA thirst for […]

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