Privileged fools

Privilege does not necessarily make us foolsBut it easily can.Not because it dimishes our intellectOr erodes our common sense,But because our advantagesHave simplified our daily experiences,Reducing the enormity of lifeTo bite-size chunks,Taming our existence,Shielding us from harsh realitiesThat others know as commonplace.These are not sins to repent ofOr blessings to overlook,But a lens to be […]

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The hands that mould us

Are both tender and harsh.Nurturing and scolding.Encouraging and demoralizing.Sometimes intentional. Often random.Our stories are made possible as muchBy the people that have loved usAs by those that hurt us.Some hands wiped away our tearsAnd caressed our cheek in a tender kiss,Awakening us to the steadying affection of human touch.And then there are hands that haveDealt […]

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What have you overlooked lately? Who’s love have you taken for granted? What experiences in your past Have you chosen to despise That actually led you to where you are now? Who’s praise did you brush off too quickly? All too easily we find ourselves Retelling stories of how we’ve been shortchanged; Making much of […]

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Getting into the festive mood

Is a decision. In this part of the world Many people decide from December 1st. And that decision creates a buoyancy That can usually last til January 2nd or so, When we “get back to reality”. But for the duration of the festive period, Many of us subconsciously choose To navigate the world with an […]

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One quiet whisper of bad newsRings several decibels louderThan a hundred stories of hope.It is far, far easier to dwell on what we lackThan cherish what we have,To stay up at night, recalling offensesThan taking a moment to say ‘I love you’.Disappointment will never be in short supplyYet there is also vast beauty we overlook […]

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