According to plan

We all know the great follyOf expecting things to goAccording to plan.But reality is hard to accept.It does not fall gently in our lapsLike an object we can manipulate,Speed up or slow downAs we see fit.We forget that we are just participantsAnd not the adjudicatorsThat we are a part of historyNot the authors of it.In […]

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Rehearsing the future

Is impossible of course. There is no way of practicing what is yet to come. As we make plans for such an uncertain year It’s tempting to only feel confident When we have thought through and made plans for Every eventuality. But we’ve never actually known for certain what a day will bring, And much […]

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Day one

12 months ago We sat down and dreamed About what this new decade would be like. We projected and analyzed Having several assumptions based On what previous years had afforded us. But after a year like 2020, When so many things we had taken for granted Were upended in a matter of days, When we […]

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