We have become His poetry

From enemies and vagabondsTo lovers and trusted sonsGod has done a thingThat we will sing about forever,For He has penned a glorious stanzaWith our very lives,Weaving together seemingly random eventsThat converge to form a constellation of His mercies-Moments that made no senseSeasons so dark we lost our very selvesNon-linear paths that all led usHere.To His […]

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The consistent creative

Does her work dailyShows up unprovokedEmpties herself on her canvasAnd simultaneously gets filledBy simply being thereCreating. She isn’t here for the likesNor the vibesBut rather because her eye for aestheticsIs not satisfied with the status quo,And her ears have long tingledFor the stories she now writesShe is not asking for permissionNor is she waiting for […]

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In our times

In the last twenty years With the rise of the internet Many things have become possible That weren’t always- Suddenly we could hold hands with people We have never met in person And experiences places our feet may never tread. Yet what we have found Is that with the waves of possibility Come floods of […]

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Self-sabotageShe took her time to fashion the weapons of her own destructionWith her own hands.She’d been thinking of ending thingsShe knew no other way.She cried.The tears she wept were selfishShe wept for the person she wished she should beBut never was.She was collapsing in on herselfA steady declineOne event after another.She tried not to ask […]

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Writing for future resources

Writing is a powerful wayTo create future resources for ourselvesAnd the people we seek to serve.Insights in the shower,whispers of ideas that tickle our ears randomly in the dayCould just the seeds for the work we may do in the future.In a world where scrolling is stronger reflex than writingThere will always be more stimuli […]

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