Do you have to agree with everything That ‘everyone else’ calls progress? Are questions asked, the same as Fists raised? Is there room for doubt? Are the only options available the ‘true believers’ And ‘the enemy’? Do differences of opinion Translate to utter incompatibility? Do we want to live in a world of toxic peace […]

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Being an agent of change is awkward  Often difficult to find yourself on the unpopular side of a conversation Speaking when others would have you stay silent Showing up when others have made bets you wouldn’t  Offering grace to those who don’t deserve it Salt is not a meal on its own And not a […]

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The agendas of God are rarely our own. We see the lives of people we admire And we quietly hope to be “just like them” While He has hand selected each of ours days And is bent on making us His own. We find ourselves longing for a past to which we can never return […]

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We do not speak of hardships For the sake of pity. We do not point out inequality Because we are hoping for handouts. We do not cry about painful things Because we are weak. No. We are looking dead on At what’s wrong in the world, Coming to terms with the brutal facts Of our […]

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Maybe they should keep us poor To keep us ‘humble’. Not too poor that we lack food to eat and rise up in desperation But poor enough to be grateful for our scraps And silent in our sufferings. Some of us choose to be meek Because the world could not handle our confidence And could […]

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Proudly African

There is much talk of being proud of our continent and our culture Simply because we come from here. Popular culture has made it appropriate to love your own soil, To never forget where you have come from. But what if your home does not keep you well? What if you are the unwanted child […]

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The state of being aware of the underlying messaging all around you. Its understanding privilege and your lack of it Because if you are already privileged There is no need to get woke Because you’re living the dream And you don’t even know it. For the white male It seems that for the longest time […]

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School of fools

The school of fools A class of men dominated by their fears, So adamant in their arrogance That it  leads to their ultimate ignorance; Ignorance of heart more than of mind Knowing so much about so little That they have convinced themselves that nothing else exists. A room full of blind men Boasting of their […]

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