Addicted to “Progression”

Yet never fulfilling a purpose.In an eternal chaseTo ‘realize our potential’Yet never quite understandingWhy we are here in the first place.Doing all we canSimply because we can,Following the trendBeing led nose-firstBy our blind ambitionAnd the insatiable desireTo prove a point.Covering up a deep senseOf lostnessWith work and overworkQualification upon qualificationDistracting ourselvesWith a world of possibilityAnd […]

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Envying Scarcity

Its unfortunateThat selfishnessFeels so good.That self-worshipFeels like self-care,That small mindednessIs often the most convenient kind of thinking,That the low ambitionsOf the corruptLook like the good life,That we say “That’s just the way it is”About problems we could actually solve,That we secretly envy Our bullies because they are powerful,Unfortunate thatMany of the peopleThat championed advancementAlso championed […]

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Life Within

Have you ever lookedAt one of your best picturesAnd asked yourself“And where have you been hidingAll along?”Or perhaps found yourselfSuddenly capable of holding your tongueThough it squirms in your mouth,Or pausing a momentTo let someone else winFor once,Or taking a leap of faithWhen you’d sworn to never take a chance again.The best versions of ourselvesAre […]

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Cost nothing as a kid.Naivete about the world allowsChildhood aspirations to bubbleEffortlessly to the surface,And at that ageTime seems infinite,Our very existence is teemingWith possibility.As a kid, unless something comesAnd breaks your spirit earlier than usual,Anything is possible.Now as an adultDreams are expensive.Irresponsible even.And at some point,Many of us make peaceWith them never bearing fruit.Life […]

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Staying in your lane

Doesn’t have to be a put down Or a sign that you don’t belong That you cannot do great things That your story cannot change. It can also mean knowing yourself Well enough to actively choose your own path And trusting yourself enough To persevere when things don’t seem too promising. Your lane is yours […]

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On choosing to write every day

The possibilities of what you can achieve over a lifetimeAre endless.On the surface this is liberating, but this is alsoTerrifying-With so many possible outcomesIt is impossible to know whether the path you chose not to takeWill be better than the one you did.And so its tempting to sit with possibility in your lapAnd hope for […]

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The African Professional

Rising from poverty Is not the same as rising from blackness. While it is true that many black people are poor Being black is not synonymous with being poor. For the African health care professionals making their way into the middle class, It often occurs that progress in your career Can translate to a wrestle […]

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Waiting for permission to move forward can be a tempting reaction after you’ve made some mistakes, Because it implies that you didn’t know where you were going in the first place And maybe you didn’t. But passivity never got anyone anywhere they wanted to go. Stuff happens, Egos get bruised Time gets wasted Tests are […]

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Speaking to reality

Sure, tell me the facts Tell me what works and what doesn’t But for some of us to create the future we really want There has to be a seed of dissatisfaction with how things are right now. So when you tell us, dear teacher That our ‘dreams are unrealistic’ Be sure not to extinguish […]

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