On Changing the World

What is it exactlyThat you want to change?What exactly is missing?Sometimes we imagineWhat we would doIf we ever got the powerIf we ever got the opportunityIf we ever got a go at the wheel-How things would be betterHow we’d finally be happy.Changing the worldMay not look likeWhat we expected,And maybe being in chargeWon’t be all […]

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What is it about words that move us?Give us peace?Wound us deeply?We may never know how far reachingOur words may be,In prose or in speechThere is not way of knowingHow deeply embedded they become in the psycheOf those they reach,From the testimony of a recovering addictYou may never meet,Whose story you see and hear through […]

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Soft Power

Every so oftenSome of us find ourselvesWith the means to shape thingsSignificantlyRemarkablyDecisively.To exist in the worldIn such a way thatMakes room for others to thriveTo suffer lessTo prosper.Power is at it’s weakestWhen used for small ambitions;Personal enrichment and short term aspirations.Power at it’s greatestIs soft.Soft enough for the broken to lie onYet strong enough to […]

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You are not God

That really should go without saying And yet it needs to be said. We cannot be everywhere at once, Regardless of of how good virtual reality becomes There will always be something somewhere we are missing out on We will never be Omnipresent. We have more tools to plan and project Than ever before And […]

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What is power for? A marker to clearly to distinguish oneself From the weak? A sword we wield to get our own way? Or perhaps a tool we leverage To create a personal paradise? We spend our days in power struggles Constantly wrestling for an upper hand, Vying for votes, Building walls and burning bridges […]

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Not being in controlMakes beautiful surprisesPossibleAnd unwanted endsInevitable.In fact we are not in contolOf even the mundane.Each day is set in motionBy a Force no human hand can tame.Today came to us without us willing it to do so.Each day escapes us.No one has ever caught yesterday by the tailOr successfully negotiated for a little […]

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Is over-rated.Maybe my perspective will change later in my career,But surely meaningful contributions can come from anywhere?And don’t we want to create organizations where the best ideas win?Why then are we rewarding people for simply sticking around?indeed, loyalty is valuable.But so is creativity.Consistency.Heck, even competency.Here in Southern Africa,Seniority has led to a lot of power […]

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