Inertia as a first step

Much is spoken about“Hitting the ground running”But in earnest,Changing any part of your lifeDemands patience.We can’t always moveAt the pace of our ambition,And despite our best effortsTo never be slow,Many a great thingStarted slowly.Inertia is the first step of motion,It’s the feeling of knowing there’sA race to be runBut not quite havingThe strength in your […]

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We can only count as worthwhile The things we get done. Before something can ever be thrown into The trash It has to have existed first. Unwritten books Unspoken words Unattempted ideas Will never be up for consideration, For either rejection or celebration. The world we live in Is made up of the things that […]

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By Zero

Many of us have more ideas and aspirations Than tangible accomplishments. You may have little in your hands But there is possibility just beyond your present reality In the realm of your imagination. Sometimes you can almost taste it. But your thoughts need feet. Your best intentions Multiplied by zero action Gives you a grand […]

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In the face of making great art and doing meaningful work Is the very great likelihood of imperfection. Not quite making something remarkable, Every time. Today the ruby never seems to sparkle No matter how much you shine. You see, the promise of procrastination Is that tomorrow you will have a better shot at perfection. […]

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