Forward motion

There’s something about deciding to changeThat feels ridiculous.As though we owe a debt to our former selvesThat must be repaid by making the same choicesOver and over.Walking away from addictionStarting to save moneySitting down to actually studyPicking up your pen againPutting on running shoes for the first time in monthsChoosing to forgiveSwallowing prideOpening yourself up […]

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Scar tissue

Its what our bodies formIn response to trauma,Laying down new tissuesWhere damage has been doneCreating alternate pathwaysJust to keep things moving.But the thing about scar tissueIs that its not likeThat which was there beforeIts not as elasticNot as smoothNot as free.And so it is with traumaTo our soulsWhere we inhabit newEmotional pathwaysTo avoid the paths […]

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Are all you really have.Yesterday’s events are sealedBeyond recoveryAnd tomorrow’s plans will only unfoldTomorrow.So whether today has been catastrophicOr if it has been the best day of your lifeThe next sequence of eventsIs not obviousNor set in stone,And the next step may not be somethingWorth posting on your wallYet from the greatest to the most […]

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Private victories

To finally cut down that pole On which you’ve been impaling yourself again and again. To reckon with the demons you could never seem to shake To heal the wound you’ve been trying to drown with the bottle To grapple with the sense of inadequacy that makes you work so hard To get a grip […]

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Is blinding.It is short sighted.It is easy to complain about something not being as you need it to be.But the question of personal responsibility never leaves youYou have a responsibility to honor God with your lifeTo love others,Regardless.Respect yourself,Regardless.No matter how dark the days may getThe things you are responsible for, remain that way.And rather […]

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