Redemption stories

Some of us will never haveThe moral upper hand.Having messed upRoyally,What talk can there be ofRedemption?Where can one goFor a better story?We will not always have the strengthTo pull ourselves out of the dirt.Someone needs to come for us.Come for me.

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Mirror, Mirror

Looking in the mirrorGets hard sometimes.Sometimes I get tiredOf being disappointedAt my own reflection,Saddened by the reminderOf my own shortcomings,Done with all the parts of myselfThat exhaust me,Its no secretThat the meanest voiceIn my headIs often my own.It’s a good thing, then,That when my mindIs no longer a safe placeFor me to live,That God is […]

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Holier than thou

The holiest One to ever liveAlready lived, died and resurrectedSo there’s no needTo try compete for His number one spot.indeed, to be a ChristianIs not about our Herculean effortsTo be good peopleBut rather it is to live a life in responseTo One greater than Hercules,And greater than every other heroWe dreamed of being as kids-The […]

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Different directions

She knew all alongThat she’d always been headedIn a different direction.That what she was hoping forWas not going to be possible,That who she was hoping to becomeWas beyond her reach.She was irretrievably goingIn a different directionAs her most elegant dreams,No matter how hard she triedShe was powerless to alter Her trajectory.Her life felt like A […]

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There are no good men

Only sinners who found mercy Like convicts on death row who’ve found a surrogate at the last hour Debtors with cancelled debts. There are no redeeming acts No self-attained righteousness for even The noblest among us, No track record worth keeping. There are no good men. Our revolutionaries became oppressors We repeat the errors of […]

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