Aren’t always lonely.Aren’t necessarily antisocialNor are they invariably plagued with depression-Loners often find themselvesOn paths that only they can walk-Not angrilyAnd not seeking to prove any points;Just going solo.This part of the journey is theirsAnd theirs alone.Solitude is not a vice,Indeed it can be a pathTo finding your soul again.Not everything can be sharedNor should […]

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The problem with living in your head

Mostly comes whenYou’re the only one in there.Indulging your own insecuritiesObsessing over your own shortcomingsSpending all your thinking capitalTrying to fill the black holeOf self-affirmationSelf-angrandisementSelf-coddling.But there are few better placesThan a mind that is hellbentOn a holy cause,Grappling with the lives of othersCommittted to their goodThinking deeply about what freedomMight look likeOn the backs of […]

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Some days Won’t make sense, Do your best anyways. Some nights will feel extraordinarily dark Bring your own light. Some mornings will bring good tidings- Share your moment of lift With the rest the room, When your cup runs over Be sure to let it spill over  To the ones all around you, And on […]

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Pondering Lightly

Our obsessions are like feet-They leave a mark,A mark on the sands of our minds,Keeping certain experiencesIndelibly clearAnd others fleetingly brief.What we ponder on deepens-Think long and hard enoughAbout how much you are owedWhat you are entitled toAnd aren’t receivingAnd soon enoughYou’ll be a victim.Stand on the shores of possibilityLooking for a glorious shipOn the […]

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Line of Thought

“Get thee behind me, Satan!”Peter must have been aghast To hear Jesus say these wordsTo him, His most devoted disciple.He’d been by His side From the beginning.For three years,Peter had shown Him nothing but loyalty-Not once had he flinchedNot once had he looked back On the life he once lived With longing.He’d only wanted what was best For Jesus,For His […]

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Letter to my future self

Hey bro, I hope you are more kind to yourself now.That you’ve learned that the sharpest teethWere often your own,And that self-mutilation never did you much good.I hope you have come to terms with the fact thatYou are not in controlAnd God is God – and you are not.I hope you have finally figured out […]

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