The moment of belonging

When do strangers become friends?When does a name go from beingJust another one on a clipboardTo one committed to memory for life?When does a visitorChoose to become a regular?When does a nationGo from a place you visitTo a base you leave from?When does a hand you once stiffly shookBecome the hand youNever want to let […]

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Amplification paradox

I want to be known.Not famouslyBut deeply.To be seen-Not on stageBut in my favorite chair.Heard-Not in a speechBut in intimate conversation.Scale often comes at the costOf genuine connectionWith the people you are seeking to serve.Amplifying your workMay mean having a “further reach”But if it is depth and you are after,Then it may be better foundWith […]

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Sonship is not fragile

It is not continually on the vergeOf being destroyedLostOr broken.It is not the kind of thingThat is easily discardedOr misplaced because of carelessnessNor diminished because of neglect.You are a son.You belong to Someone.Room has been made for youYour space has been reservedYour name uniquely givenYour identity unquestionable.Yes, you may often failTo live as though this […]

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