There are no shallow ends

If you care about anythingDeeply enoughIn this lifeThere will be risk ofGetting in over your headLooking stupidEven drowning.Unpredictablity is insescspableNo matter howRisk averse you are,And the cost of caringWill always be high.So if you know thatThe waters are deepAll the way throughThen its probably worthLearning how to swim.

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Fortune favors the brave?

It depends on what you mean byBravery.If you mean throwing caution to the windMaking self-gratifying yet shortsighted decisionsInflating benefits and downplaying risks,Telling blatant lies to get aheadWielding privilege like weapon-The world may reward this behaviorBut it certainly isn’t brave.Swallowing your pride and saying sorry first,Relentlessly choosing to be generousWhen chances are high you’ll be misunderstood,Taking […]

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