Line of Thought

“Get thee behind me, Satan!”Peter must have been aghast To hear Jesus say these wordsTo him, His most devoted disciple.He’d been by His side From the beginning.For three years,Peter had shown Him nothing but loyalty-Not once had he flinchedNot once had he looked back On the life he once lived With longing.He’d only wanted what was best For Jesus,For His […]

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Mightier than any sword

Are words in a human mindPoking holes into our ignoranceCarving paths out of chaos.Long after we are no moreIt is what we stood forThat will endure,The sacred texts that held us together through our stormsWill be the anchor for a generation yet unborn.The right words,Aptly placed,Can endure,And can be far reachingImpacting the minds of peopleWe […]

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Means and Ends

What is the goal of religion?Is it not fellowship with God?The prayers, the scriptures, the fellowshipAre channels towards where we hope to goBut they are not the destination themselves.We do not pray for prayer’s sakeOr sing on Sunday morningBecause that’s what we’ve always done.We do all this in pursuit of Someone Great.How foolish to get […]

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