In Limbo

Having plenty of optionsBut no solid leadsBeing tasked to build a fortressWith no bricks to spareAm I at the endOr did I just begin?Flailing wildlyOr flapping my wings?Asking myselfIf I have thrown myselfInto the brier patchOr a bed of rosesWhen I took that leap of faith?

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The time When the cold days Slowly loosen their grip On our neighbourhoods, When heavy blankets Are folded away Until next year, When winter coats Are sent to the dry cleaners. When the jacarandas Come out to play When the early rains Of the planting season Fall on dry and thirsty soil Ushering in that […]

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That winter eveningThe Son escaped us.He fled before we could enjoy the sunset.He set far too quicklyfor God had given him a curfew.

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Setbacks. Things not going according to “plan”. We often hold all too dearly to the timetables that we set for ourselves As we sometimes fail to meet our own expectations or the standards set by our peers. Though it’s no fun missing a flight, repeating a year of school, growing up with a learning disability […]

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