On self-harm

We are always just one decision awayFrom self-destruction.One bitter thought awayFrom sabotaging our relationships,One attitude of self-pity away fromMaking every moment about ourselves.Our propensity towards self-harmIs disturbingly persistent.Desiring the forbidden fruitAs though none of the others were good enough,Leaning into our depravityAs though it were in our best interests to do so.We need saving-Not just […]

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Good Fit

It’s possible that the people you work with really are the problem. That the ‘system’ really is not in your favor The color of your skin, your biology and your zip code are all putting you At a disadvantage. Basically, not a good fit. But it’s also possible that your tendency to isolate yourself, Your […]

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I am no patriot

I am no patriot. I stand far off and make suggestions As my nation crumbles in the distance. It makes for great intellectual conversation And stimulating meetings discussing the state of affairs, But to be honest those words and arguments will count for nothing Because tomorrow where my voice is needed most I will hold […]

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