The Long Game

We are not in a rush.We have no points to prove,Just goals to achieve.We are not out hereTrying to appearLike we have ‘arrived’When the journey has reallyJust begun.We are not ashamedOf starting small.We will not dismiss ourselvesBecause we have been overlooked by others.We will not measure ourselvesBy the success of other people,We will celebrate every […]

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Appetite for Appearances

There’s something hollow About caring more about your reputation Than your legacy, On looking like you have it all And yet possessing very little indeed, Catering so much for the eyes Yet so little for the heart, An ever growing repertoire of performances With fewer and fewer people you can trust With your mask off. […]

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The Overview Effect

Things often look better (or terribly worse)From a distance.The view from 10, 000 feetCan blur the harsh edgesOf daily life.There are few people’s experiencesWe will ever know intimately enoughTo savour the nuance of theirComplicated relationships,Controversial decisions orConvoluted life trajectories.No matter how much news we consumeOr how many Instagram pages we followWe may just get the […]

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Other people’s achievements

Are external landmarksOf the good things that have come to passAlong their path.What you see as you scroll on yourTimelineIs not evidence of your inadequacyNor indicators of where you‘Should’ be.Seeing someone else’s smooth sailingDoesn’t have to take the wind outOf your own sails.Other people’s achievementsHave nothing to do with you,With your combination of fear and […]

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It isn’t the media

That makes us insecure It’s the disapproving voice inside our own heads, That finds affirmation in the media we consume. When it comes to our own sense of inadequacy Our own internal dialogue is far more Potent than any piece of content created. It isn’t the media that divides us. How easy it is to […]

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Is terribly underrated. With all the talk of ‘finding your voice’ And ‘speaking your truth’ Who’s going to be there to hear it all? Storytelling has been elevated To near god-like status And yet what good is a story If there isn’t an ear to hear it? In a world with more voices Than we […]

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News Story

A hundred years ago Most people had no idea about what was going on On the other side of the globe, No Google to get instant facts, no easy travel and serious barriers of war and natural hazards. And we imagine that people back then knew so little about their world. All they had were […]

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Having nothing profound to say Is not the same as having nothing to say, Sometimes the important things don’t have a ‘wow’ factor, Sometimes we just need to talk about them because they need mentioning On the other hand, there is nothing worse than creating a bigger hype about what you are doing Than the […]

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Expecting thank you’s

When helping others in need It’s important to think about how you are going to deal With non-appreciative people, Or people taking advantage of your charity. It’s often all too easy to mitigate your efforts Based on how grateful the people seem to be As though the end goal your our generosity is somehow changed […]

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Blue ticks

Hurt. Not necessarily because of what they are ( a repeated digital symbol in a primary color) But because of what they represent; Being ignored. And for some of us that carries more weight than others Depending, of course, on who you are talking to. Yet for some strange, sad reason, it actually matters. It’s […]

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