Born out of Struggle

What is it aboutStruggleThat makes artAuthentic?About bleaknessThat makes a story moreVivid?Art and despairHave a strange relationship,As though certain treasuresCan only be hewnOut of the artist’sDistress.It is certainly possibleTo make things that areWonderfulIn the absence of disaster,Yet there is something aboutHeartbreakDevastationAnd depravityThat sweetens the penOf the ready writerAnd sharpens the mindOf the brooding creative.Perhaps it serves […]

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SometimesAll that the times we live inGive room for us to doIs survive.To take the beating,Go through the hurricane,Enter the cesspoolAnd somehow come out the other side.COVID has taken a lot from usAnd sadly it may take more still.The days are darkAnd maybe some of us aren’t going to haveAn outrageous storyOf how we overcame.Some […]

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La Brega

Spanish for the posture you assume When the odds are against you from birth, When foreign aid assumes a permanent role In your community Because it seems unlikely that you’ll ever Prosper without it, When people celebrate your capacity To suffer, To be hard pressed and not crushed. Songs of struggle should not be sung […]

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