Hearts that lie

My heart seems convinced  That I am a victim. Been lugging around  Every loss and every disadvantage Like a favorite piece of furniture  That I refuse to part with, So convinced that these weights Are just keeping me real Keeping me grounded, That they really aren’t Holding me back.  It tells me ‘You’ll be happier  […]

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Worst Case Scenarios

Are oddly appealing.They play up too perfectlyTo my fears,They taste like the truthAnd dress themselvesWith great importance,Demanding to be seenAnd savoredIn advance.Somehow playing outThe worst version of eventsIn my mindFeels like good preparationFor the future,Even if those eventsAre largely unlikely.Its uncanny how much easier it isTo trust my own judgementWhen predicting disasterThan it is toTake […]

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Pondering Lightly

Our obsessions are like feet-They leave a mark,A mark on the sands of our minds,Keeping certain experiencesIndelibly clearAnd others fleetingly brief.What we ponder on deepens-Think long and hard enoughAbout how much you are owedWhat you are entitled toAnd aren’t receivingAnd soon enoughYou’ll be a victim.Stand on the shores of possibilityLooking for a glorious shipOn the […]

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Not every thought

Deserves to be entertained,Catered to,Given access to the throneOf our minds.Not every thought we haveRepresents who we really are.The human mind is a curious placeOften the battlegroundFor vicious opponents,Warring schools of thoughtAll in one head.Our hunchesNeed to be testedBefore they become convictions,And our wandering mindsNeed to be reigned inWith deep thought meditationLest we lose them […]

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Self defeat

There is this dirty habit Of replaying our mistakes in our heads Over and over As though to remind us of  the details that we may have forgotten. And while it is important to be self aware, Its super destructive to use these weak moments To tell ourselves ‘who we really are’. Because it becomes […]

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