Have often felt like a hurried walk- Not quite jogging But definitely not strolling. One of those days of the week That I keep forgetting what day it is. Friday seems so far away. The week ahead looms long. Distracted. To do lists growing steadily. Yesterday’s dishes are still in the sink. Already feeling over-committed […]

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Monday Mornings

Feel like eggs that scrambleToo quicklyOn a pan that’s too hotAnd a tad too small,Making for a hurried, burnt mealThat could have beenA lot better.The minutes betweenWaking upAnd leaving the houseRun surprising quicklyLike a mischievous toddlerIn a grocery store.The sleep never feelsLike it’s good enoughAnd the feeling of the weekendSeems to linger likeIt hasn’t quite […]

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Constellation of Opportunity

Big breaksAren’t always what they seem.Some of our dreamsTook us away from our rootsAnd now the soil that raised usFeels strange.DisappointmentsAren’t always as devastatingAs they feel,Our scars remind us ofLife’s fragility.We do not liveIn linear sequence,Advancing from stageTo stageIn rapid succession,One calculated moveAfter another.We live in aConstellation of Opportunity,The winsAnd lossesAnd the days when nothing […]

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The time When the cold days Slowly loosen their grip On our neighbourhoods, When heavy blankets Are folded away Until next year, When winter coats Are sent to the dry cleaners. When the jacarandas Come out to play When the early rains Of the planting season Fall on dry and thirsty soil Ushering in that […]

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Love and Faithfulness

Are the most persistent thingsOn the planet.The world was set in motionBy LoveAnd faithfulness keeps itSpinning.The love of God created the chemistry Between the first man and womanAnd the faithfulness of GodSustained the first family on earth.The love of God intricately designedAll living beings on the earthAnd provisions have been made forTheir daily bread ever […]

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Forward motion

There’s something about deciding to changeThat feels ridiculous.As though we owe a debt to our former selvesThat must be repaid by making the same choicesOver and over.Walking away from addictionStarting to save moneySitting down to actually studyPicking up your pen againPutting on running shoes for the first time in monthsChoosing to forgiveSwallowing prideOpening yourself up […]

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Rest.Take a moment to stop.Strategizing how you’re going toMake things work,Handling business,Planning events,Keeping your customers happy,Putting yourself out there,Curating that product,Performing for the masses.Rest,The anti-24/7,Just for a second,Or maybe even a day to simplyClose your eyesAnd just be.Know that the Third Rock from the SunWon’t stop in it’s orbitIf you take some respite.Sure, you may […]

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Not everything is a team sport

Sometimes the only way to developEnough of a backboneTo make meaningful assertionsIs to do the work that only you can do,Ship itAnd then repeat.There’s camaraderieWhen working with othersAnd ‘another set of eyes’Can often be useful,But there is also safety in numbers;Safety from ultimate responsibilitySafety from being on the hookSafety from the skinned kneesThat come from […]

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Are all you really have.Yesterday’s events are sealedBeyond recoveryAnd tomorrow’s plans will only unfoldTomorrow.So whether today has been catastrophicOr if it has been the best day of your lifeThe next sequence of eventsIs not obviousNor set in stone,And the next step may not be somethingWorth posting on your wallYet from the greatest to the most […]

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