I’m getting older

I don’t always have to win.Sometimes just being here is enough.Sleep is better than TV now.Friendship is complicated-Don’t get me started about the perplexity that is romance.Family is really, really messyBut really, really important.People’s opinions are just opinions.My friends are complaining about back pain.I can genuinely smile in the mirror these days.Phone calls with Mama […]

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How far we’ve come

It’s strange how insurmountable  This moment feels. Strange not because I have a solution Not because it doesn’t hurt  And not because my heart believes  The countless people telling me  “It’s gonna be okay”. It’s strange because of how far we’ve come How many many times  I’ve been certain of my abandonment  And yet found […]

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Writing for longevity

So much of what’sEating us alive todayWon’t even be a footnoteA year from now.But the words we craftCan matter far beyond the momentThat led to their existence.We do not write to pass the timeBut to capture itAnd put it in a bottleFor our future self to read.Our words will outlive usReaching places our feet may […]

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Rushes.The blurry weeksWedged between a resolute winterAnd an ethereal SpringThe days are hard to markThe hours seem to burn quickerLate nights all too quicklyTurn into early mornings.No longer wearing socks in bedBut shorts still feel reckless.Too warm for a heaterToo cold for a fanJanuary feels like a lifetime agoLow key dreading the early Christmas decorAt […]

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Working Weekends

Sucks.Time lapsesAnd the lines betweenWaking and sleeping blur-My bed is filled with thoughts of workMy desk is littered with yawns and power naps.Folding laundry is suddenly fascinatingMy eye drifts to my phone incessantlyThe weight of the week lies heavy on my shouldersThe dishes are harder to doEveryone else seems to be throwing a partyAnd the […]

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‘Your people’

Aren’t static.Nor is the list complete.Things happenPeople changeFaces grow oldChildren are bornChildren move outFriends get marriedLoved ones pass awayLove passes awayYet the cycle continues.Perhaps there was a timeWhen the people you lovedAll lived in one placeAnd roughly saw the worldThe same as you-Now they are far awayLiving a life you can’t relate to.Maybe ‘your people’Were […]

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Long enough

If you sit there long enoughYou might come to seeThat the world is bigger than your problemsAnd it will keep spinning on its axisWith our without you.If you love for long enoughYou will come to know that being ‘right’ is overratedAnd it is better to simply beWith the ones you loveThan win in every circumstance.If […]

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For the youth

Why is it that youth need to be ‘empowered’?Who were our parents building for all along?We have never been“The next generation” –From the moment we were bornWe had a part to play.They told us to wait and watch.We were children thenAnd now we are adultsAnd it is becoming increasingly obviousHow foolish it is to keep […]

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Are made of early morningsGetting ready for church,Electric sermonsEncounters with JehovahConversations with the neighborsEasy walks in the neighborhoodAfternoon napsLong drivesSunset viewsSoccer matches on the TVHalf-read books on the tableHeavy dinners andHeartfelt phone callsGood musicOld moviesNew ideasAnd the sinking feelingThat Monday is on its way.

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Wasting time

ScrollingIs sadly therapeutic.Those ten second clipsCan turn into hour long bingesThat make for easy entertainmentSomething other than your problems to think aboutOffering you a seat into someone else’s comedyPrecisely because your own life is no laughing matter.Wasting timeScrollingIs sadly therapeutic.

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