The genealogy of change

We don’t always knowIf our lives are counting for something.If our writings are being readIf our contributions are making a differenceWhether the causes we’re fighting so hard forWill amount to anything,But what is a ripple in our generationMay become a tidal waveFor our descendants,And the hurricanes of our timesMay hardly be a whisperA few years […]

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Arm’s length

Being ‘for the people’Is all the rage these days.But lip service always stuttersEventually:Posing with a hungry childBut only at arm’s length-Close enough for the photo-opFar enough to not get inconvenienced.But if you ever fancy real change, darling,It might cost youYour whole arm.

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The pressure of pioneering

Change is undemocratic. It is a double edged sword  That cuts even those  That call for it. Even when you see it coming  It can still be quite unsettling.  Overwhelming. Those who are  Agents of change   Are deeply privileged to exist in these spaces, To have the means and the time to Figure out their […]

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Throwing Money

Is easier  Than having a meaningful conversation About change.  Our failures  To make something significant  For the least amongst us Don’t stem from a lack of resources As much as they do From a lack of intentionality. Our lack of motivation to apply Disciplined imagination  To solve the social problems  That plague us Nudges us […]

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Freirean Physics

The task of humanising the worldIs uncomfortable.Unsettling by natureDisruptive by design.Freirean physics Is counterintuitive. It is the science of innovationThat recognises that to truly changeThe order of things We must first be changed ourselves,Interrogating our own hearts Upending our own way of being human,Finding kinship with our enemy.It turns out that The true tools of freedomAre actually found with the […]

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