The problem with living in your head

Mostly comes whenYou’re the only one in there.Indulging your own insecuritiesObsessing over your own shortcomingsSpending all your thinking capitalTrying to fill the black holeOf self-affirmationSelf-angrandisementSelf-coddling.But there are few better placesThan a mind that is hellbentOn a holy cause,Grappling with the lives of othersCommittted to their goodThinking deeply about what freedomMight look likeOn the backs of […]

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Long roads

At some point you realizeThat those are the only roadsYou have left-The one without guard railsOr dry runsOr pit stops around every corner.Becoming wholeDoesn’t happenJust because we are aware ofOur need for it.It is a roadThat must be walked downA destiny that demands to beContested for.The best version of ourselvesWill be excavated from the dirtNot […]

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‘Your people’

Aren’t static.Nor is the list complete.Things happenPeople changeFaces grow oldChildren are bornChildren move outFriends get marriedLoved ones pass awayLove passes awayYet the cycle continues.Perhaps there was a timeWhen the people you lovedAll lived in one placeAnd roughly saw the worldThe same as you-Now they are far awayLiving a life you can’t relate to.Maybe ‘your people’Were […]

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On becoming middle class

She never thought she would climb.She’d always watched her brothers climb-Climb treesClimb wallsClimb up to the roof of their dilapidatedChildhood homeAnd later she watched themClimb up ladders of successReaching ever higherAs though the gravity of their upbringingHad insulted themAnd they were hellbentOn teaching it a lesson.They climbed so highShe could barely recognise themFor while they […]

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The quixotic ones

Deserve more than our eye-rollsAnd shakes of the head.They are more than cautionary talesAbout what happens when you aren’t practicalMore than the butt of jokesAbout over-achievers and glass-half-full parodies.If it wasn’t for their dreamsWe’d be doomed to live in a worldOf non-alternativesWhere injustice is acceptedAnd mediocrity is expected.Surely, cynicism can’t jade us all?Until we live […]

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The work of becoming

  It’s one thing to do a mighty exploit  To thrust oneself through the air  And land at a place  Better than your current station In part by sheer will In part by pure luck. It’s quite another thing to  Become the kind of person Who frequently takes leaps of faith, Who has trained their […]

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The genealogy of change

We don’t always knowIf our lives are counting for something.If our writings are being readIf our contributions are making a differenceWhether the causes we’re fighting so hard forWill amount to anything,But what is a ripple in our generationMay become a tidal waveFor our descendants,And the hurricanes of our timesMay hardly be a whisperA few years […]

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Arm’s length

Being ‘for the people’Is all the rage these days.But lip service always stuttersEventually:Posing with a hungry childBut only at arm’s length-Close enough for the photo-opFar enough to not get inconvenienced.But if you ever fancy real change, darling,It might cost youYour whole arm.

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The pressure of pioneering

Change is undemocratic. It is a double edged sword  That cuts even those  That call for it. Even when you see it coming  It can still be quite unsettling.  Overwhelming. Those who are  Agents of change   Are deeply privileged to exist in these spaces, To have the means and the time to Figure out their […]

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