The thing beneath the thing

Not much in our emotional lives Is random. Friction adds up And doesn’t go away when you ignore it. Like rust, it slowly builds Into corners of resentment Nooks of bitterness Carving out a private lounge of victimhood. And often it’s the external blow outs That get all the attention- The obviously threatening situations That […]

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Scar tissue

Its what our bodies formIn response to trauma,Laying down new tissuesWhere damage has been doneCreating alternate pathwaysJust to keep things moving.But the thing about scar tissueIs that its not likeThat which was there beforeIts not as elasticNot as smoothNot as free.And so it is with traumaTo our soulsWhere we inhabit newEmotional pathwaysTo avoid the paths […]

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Wound Care

While our God may not always prevent injury He is always at hand to care for the wound. He debrides the damaged tissue, Cleaning out the site of injury. He applies a healing balm; A salve for my broken body. He sutures my flesh together, One intentional stitch at a time. Yes, I will heal […]

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