Watching the wind

God called manTo be stewards of His creationTo name the animals He madeTo inhabit the earth He createdTo be sowers of seed-Not watchers of windNor foretellersOf what will succeedAnd what will fall to pieces.There’s something aboutSowing seedThat demands trust.For every crop that has everBeen producedWe have only sown the seed,And done our best to nurture […]

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Point of view. The unique way in which The world makes sense to you. No one can taste life on your behalf, Grasp your opportunities as strongly Feel your losses as deeply. Reputable things aren’t only done by those with a reputation, Insights don’t only belong to those with years under their belt Wisdom is […]

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Is dangerous It uncovers things we were happier To leave unseen Unsaid It leaves nowhere to hide No more corners to play the victim No more darkness to retreat into It kills the need for further explanation The facts speak for themselves It grinds over-explanation to a halt Incessant apologies finally no longer need to […]

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It is not likely that a restaurant manager will encounter a customer who will mill around the kitchen to check whether food preparation protocols are being followed to internarional standards.Or that a patient will ask her new therapist when they last they attended a continual professional development course.We meet strangers everyday whom we choose to […]

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Is not discouraged enough. With so many images on our news feed Of other people living their best lives; Reaping harvests and claiming awards, Its easy to excuse each other For feeling like good things Don’t come to those who wait. Patience may be out of fashion But it’s definitely not obsolete. Patience is not […]

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On “knowing your place”

Being reminded of “your place” Can be humbling. When the kind of projects you dream of doing And the ones you actually do Don’t even remotely match- it can be jarring. Demotivating even. Especially now when there always seems to be Peers on our timelines prospering in ways We wish we could. But rather than […]

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Spinning wheels

Father Do you see me? Spinning wheels Looking for solutions Hungry to bounce back. I imagine my activity to be the difference Between success and failure. The strength of my legs enough to force open The doors. My fears keep me up at night. Assuring me the worst will happen Unless I run. And keep […]

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Strange hand holding

Sometimes the problem is not so much that you are surrounded by incompetent people, Its that you are failing to lead them. Or maybe the reason why you are met with blank stares is because You have stopped listening to those that you lead And you trust no one’s opinion but your own. Maybe the […]

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