Letter to my future self

Hey bro, I hope you are more kind to yourself now.That you’ve learned that the sharpest teethWere often your own,And that self-mutilation never did you much good.I hope you have come to terms with the fact thatYou are not in controlAnd God is God – and you are not.I hope you have finally figured out […]

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The African Professional

Rising from poverty Is not the same as rising from blackness. While it is true that many black people are poor Being black is not synonymous with being poor. For the African health care professionals making their way into the middle class, It often occurs that progress in your career Can translate to a wrestle […]

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Visionary blindness

If you can get past the scary bits about a leap of faith, It can really be exciting. The anticipation of a potential new experience The exhilaration of knowing things could really change. Yet often when we leap, we land in somewhat awkward spaces. Definitely not where we started but Not quite where we hoped […]

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Topsy Turvy

One challenge of being in charge of a venture Is that we are not aware of how challenging it is To be the one to carry the vision of the project forward, To be the one to have to steer the ship. Its easy to long, in that moment, for a clear idea of what […]

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