The end of the pandemic

Is definitely going to be underwhelming.After all the undoingAnd all the disorientationThe virus will take a less prominent seatBut the havoc it wreakedWill not be easily forgotten-At least not at first.But it will fade from viewAs all things do.Disaster will once againBe a local experience,Bad news will seem far awayAs it once didAnd we may […]

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Shaky ground

Isn’t a sign that you’re in the wrong placeOr that you’ve screwed up royally.Its a signal to not look for stabilityWhere none is offeredOr reach for certaintyWhere only choices are available.There is a reason whyWe have feet-To move.To change paceTo step out of one realityInto another.The pandemic and everything sinceHas shown us how littleWe can […]

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