Why we ran

We were bornOn burning coalsSo standing stillWas unthinkable.We did not run for gloryBut for survival.There were no better alternativesThan our own legs to carry us to freedom.There was no need for a crowdTo cheer for us,Our own fears goaded us on.We needed no promise of a trophy,Just a way out.We were not running towards the […]

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Working Weekends

Sucks.Time lapsesAnd the lines betweenWaking and sleeping blur-My bed is filled with thoughts of workMy desk is littered with yawns and power naps.Folding laundry is suddenly fascinatingMy eye drifts to my phone incessantlyThe weight of the week lies heavy on my shouldersThe dishes are harder to doEveryone else seems to be throwing a partyAnd the […]

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The words I most want to write

Evade me.Like toddler too fast for their sizeThe words are within viewBut find ways of hiding beneath tablesAnd behind curtainsPlayfully frustrating meGently irritatingAs if they knowThat if I lose my coolI’d be forced to forfeit the gameAnd have no right to hold the baby-The paragraphThe stanzaThe story-The words I most want to write.Once in a […]

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Too tired to write

The words fell onto the pageBegrudginglyPainfully.Slowly.Like a thick, heavy honeyThat reluctantly falls off the combPromising sweetnessBut releasing itEver so slowly.I was tired.But I knewThat once the ink began to flowInspiration would not be far behind.Writing deserves our best hoursBut if all we haveAre the dying moments of the day,Even then the pen will not disappoint-It […]

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Before I sit down to writeThere’s often a scuffle within my membersBetween my will to create And an urgent, persistent and seemingly authoritative voice That earnestly encourages me to disqualify myselfFor my own goodLong before the work has even started.It lists good reasons for not showing upIN ALL CAPS.Making much of previousFalse startsAnd missed opportunities,It […]

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Thankless jobs

Far from being things that demean us Thankless jobs are portals to  Our innermost motivations Often forcing us to ‘dig deep’.  In the absence of an applause  A pat on the back  Indeed even an acknowledgment of your existence, How do you do your work? Is it somehow less significant  If it goes unseen? Is […]

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On believing in your work

How many pats on the backDoes it take for you to believe that you matter?That your contributions count?And once you know itHow much rejection does it takeTo knock you off your square?The battle to believe in your workOften looks like the struggle to believe in yourself.Our work is constantly used as a proxyFor our worth […]

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Resonating with others

Is not a given.Sometimes you’re just sayingWhat needs to be said,But no one’s ready to hear it.Other times you’re speaking upThinking you are doing it for othersBut you’re really setting yourself free.And other times you just have a tough crowdAnd they are not the kind of peopleWith an ear for what you have to say.Not […]

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On finding your tribe

One of the greatest possibilitiesOf the ongoing human experimentIs that the people we find kinship withMay not share our bloodOur skinOr our beliefs,But have the eyesTo see one another truly.Deeply.With hearts that have the depth and breadthTo hold space for each other.We do not need to be the sameTo walk with one anotherBut we do […]

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On comparing yourself to others

There really is no need.No real real obligation to do this.You won’t lose nearly as muchAs you think you willIf you just stay in your lane.The greatness of othersNeed not diminish your own significanceOr serve as a reference pointFor your particular journey.Your path is your ownFit-for-purposeFor the strength of your legsAnd the contour of your […]

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