On micro-management

Its a little bit ridiculousIf you think long and hard about it:ImagineShowing up to workSo that you can make sure others workCertain that the people you work withGot out of bedCleaned themselves upCommuted to your building (or logged onto Teams)As fairly responsible adultsBut once they enteredSuddenly became children needing a chaperone?What is it exactlyAbout the […]

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The new workaholic

May be harder to spotBecause she’s working from home.She doesn’t wear office slacks as muchAnd her bed is closerThan it’s ever been,Yet don’t be surprisedIf somehow, sleep still escapes herBecause of work.She may be spending less timeAt the officeWhich theoretically frees us up the timeShe would have spent commuting,But she’s been in virtual meetingsAll day […]

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Instant messaging

Doesn’t mean Instant responses Should be demanded Or endless availability Expected. Being online Doesn’t obligate a person To to giving you their attention, And them seeing a message Is not the same as Being ready to respond to it. The promise of instant messaging Is that a message Can be drafted on one device And […]

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